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Welcome to Antigua Ventures

A place where ideas happen to come true through inception and materialisation, in our path to Decentralisation.

Welcome to Antigua Ventures


Our numbers speak for themselves

We have deployed several years of combined experience and our own capital to build a reliable win-win network for everyone.

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About us

At Antigua Ventures we aim for disruption and sofistication.

We know the world should be much more developed and balanced than it is today, and we cannot accept that the same primitive principles we had hundreds of years ago are still the ones we have in our days. Because of this we support projects that will impact the reality with a big dose of talent and innovation, always basing the core of its technology in decentralized systems. Same way the New World was discovered five centuries ago, we can guarantee that we are re-discovering it now.


We Accelerate

Thanks to our network with other professionals in the ecosystem we guarantee growth in marketing, development and exposure. It doesn’t matter what’s the need behind the project. We deliver solutions.

We Advise

We bring projects to top tier firms and top tier launchpads. it’s essential to understand the structure of how a project must disrupt the market, to achieve success and get optimum results.

We Raise

Capital is needed to develop and power the core of the project and all branches involved. We raise funds to support talented and experienced teams to materialize early stage ideas and make them come true.


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